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Pat Obilor Academy

Media Professional

I am an all-round media professional with vast experience in English communication, digital marketing skills and my official profile description includes:  being a Media coach, youth mentor and serial entrepreneur, project manager, Radio/TV presenter, corporate event host/Moderator and content creator.
My name is Pat, my friends call me Patty and my family call me Adaora. I can be your coach and your media girl at the same time.

I have teamed up with Media Brunch Academy to give you decades of experiential knowledge in Media, digital Marketing and useful everyday lifestyle hacks.
Let’s call it, “A Taste of Spotlight”
So here is the deal, if you are truly interested in becoming a sought after Radio/TV presenter, a media influencer or starting your dream business, which enables you to live your dreams and travel the world, stay connected because I am going to give you the biggest opportunity that will inspire you to launch out now.

My 12 years of practise as an award winning broadcaster and two degrees in Theatre/ Media Arts form the University of Ibadan and the London Film and Media Academy, have positioned me as an authority in the foray of relevant Courses I am about to share with you… From Colourful Radio UK, Wimspeaks FM in Philadelphia, USA, Star FM, Nigeria Info, NTA, AIT, Ray power FM and Urban Jazz Radio, UK, Power FM, South Africa etc…  My journey in the Media has placed me on global platforms such as the imperial College London and I have also explored platforms across the USA, the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Through my various platforms, I have been passionate about inspiring and educating the media enthusiasts, youth enterprise and I am here to empower YOU, Now.

All Thanks to Media Brunch Course Trainings:

·         You will develop the tricks of presenting like a Pro.
·         You will learn to FastTrack your media career or business start-up.
·         You will learn how to quickly become a Radio/Television Host.
·         You will develop fine writing skills, and become an author in a short while.
·         You will learn how to conquer your fears, and excel at an Audition.
·         You will learn how to become an event host or a paid Moderator.
·         You will develop confidence in front of the camera and build self esteem.
·         You will distinguish yourself from others and prepare for your future with new skills.
·         You will become a respected influencer and be admired in the Media industry.
·         You will learn how to apply for Visas and become a global citizen through your works.

Total Value: ₦145,000

But, for a LIMITED TIME, you will get the courses for as little as ₦10,000 !!!

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145+ Courses
from Industry Experts
45+ Instructors
from top universities
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Latest Courses

MBA Courses by Media Brunch Academy’ is a series of online courses, webinars and mentorship programme .


Short Bio – Ms. Pat Obilor is a dainty, creative but laidback personality who is on the journey to becoming a Multipotentialite in her personal, corporate media and business world. With the grace of an inspiring lifestyle influencer, Author, Media Coach, Radio/TV Presenter, Youth Mentor, Corporate event Host/Moderator, Content Creator and Serial entrepreneur; And the professional aura of a skillful project manager, corporate PR/ brand specialist, customer relations executive, business developer and digital media manager, she brings the sparks to your life and business. Reach out to her now on all social platforms @patobilor

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