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With a vast experience in public speaking, coaching and mentoring, Pat is available to work with you. She is sought after event host, public speaker and media teacher with a decade of experience. You can tap from her foray of ideas and joyous personality via the following channels.

Invite her to coach your students on media, purpose and life etiquettes
Host or speak at your cooperate events locally and internationally
Be a guest judge at your reality shows
Coordinate your media campaigns
Voice your jingles or feature in your next movie/skits

 To book your media girl, kindly click here https://forms.gle/E3KDF4rWsGYxtXyU9 to fill out this form (Bro please you can also create form with this embed link Below)

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Short Bio – Ms. Pat Obilor is a dainty, creative but laidback personality who is on the journey to becoming a Multipotentialite in her personal, corporate media and business world. With the grace of an inspiring lifestyle influencer, Author, Media Coach, Radio/TV Presenter, Youth Mentor, Corporate event Host/Moderator, Content Creator and Serial entrepreneur; And the professional aura of a skillful project manager, corporate PR/ brand specialist, customer relations executive, business developer and digital media manager, she brings the sparks to your life and business. Reach out to her now on all social platforms @patobilor

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