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My Initiative

I love to see women happy and successful and I have dedicate a part of my life to making this happen as I collaborate with other women platforms to make the “women supporting women ” mantra more than words. That’s why I founded:

Mogulettes Africa in March 2016 during the UN Women’s month. Mogulettes Africa is the influential women platform and magazine where we celebrate women moguls in business and leadership positions with a lasting goal to support their startups and mentor the Boychild and the girlchild. For more details, click here so signup to our newsletters and events or Connect with other awesome women on Twitter, Instagram, facebook, Linkedin and Youtube @mogulettesafrica. Visit us on www.mogulettesafrica.org

Sparkles Media Limited– Secondly, I have been an entrepreneur before I could define what it means to be a CEO. Sparkles Media is a company I registered few years ago and it has continued to grow put food on my table and empowered a lot of individuals and businesses too. We are a global PR marketing, media lifestyle and human resource firm dedicated to helping your brands and business build positive mindshare amongst your clients while improving your sales expectations.  We also make you shine by taking care of your travel and logistics needs in Nigeria and other parts of the world. 

Want to shine with us? Click on this link to find out more or connect on Twitter, Instagram, facebook, Linkedin and Youtube @sparklesmedialtd and visit us on www.sparklesmediatv.com

Standout Enterprise Festival www.standoutwithpat.tv is a fusion of standout global awards, standout Africa show and the Standout African Leaders and enterprise Summit (SALES), aka #Standoutenterprisefestival,” is an annual global youth and leadership summit powered by @standoutwithpat’, a TV show and social digital platform created to celebrate leadership enterprise, foster youth productivity and share innovative insight about entrepreneurship and various creative businesses as we scale up and transform our lives one step at a time. The business, Tech, Media and creative summit shall feature work and social sessions (life and business masterclass) during the event which is going to be a digital network gathering of innovative and seasoned creatives, entrepreneurs, technology driven professionals and business leaders in Africa and diaspora who are thriving in the cooperate industry and business world coming together to harness the existing potentials in the business, creative and media sector as well as reinforce a more viable structured work-life opportunities for creative professionals and corporate entrepreneurs in Africa and diaspora countries as a whole.

Want to standout with us? Click on this link to Volunteer and be a part of the #Standoutmovement or connect on Twitter, Instagram and facebook  @standoutwithpat


    Short Bio – Ms. Pat Obilor is a dainty, creative but laidback personality who is on the journey to becoming a Multipotentialite in her personal, corporate media and business world. With the grace of an inspiring lifestyle influencer, Author, Media Coach, Radio/TV Presenter, Youth Mentor, Corporate event Host/Moderator, Content Creator and Serial entrepreneur; And the professional aura of a skillful project manager, corporate PR/ brand specialist, customer relations executive, business developer and digital media manager, she brings the sparks to your life and business. Reach out to her now on all social platforms @patobilor

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