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YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Zco5YIi3gFFcw6gsQ5IFw

Pat Obilor Live’ is a combination of my thoughts, interests and passion in arts, presenting, music and lifestyle generally. It also involves contents about purpose and spirituality which is explored through its VLOG, and Patspiration Podcast. Few years ago as a Corp member in NTA Osogbo, where I pioneered and produced the NYSC program I named Clarion Call. My programme manager then, looked at me one day and said, Pat, I see you having your own platform and show someday. I said really? Then he said “yes, like Funmi Iyanda and Abike Dabiri used to have. Your name Pat Obilor sounds catchy so you can have Pat Obilor Live or “Pat Obilor Show” I mocked him and said “Sir the name doesn’t even sound Tush like Oprah Winfrey or Helen Degeneres”. Which one is “Pat Obilor Live?” Besides who am I that I will name a show in my name? Fast forward to 2017/18, the reality of the possibility dawned on me and today, in all humility, i am now the kind of media brand that hosts/interviews giants and major influencers and I know this is just the beginning!

Why did I settle for #PatObilorlive? At some point I felt like birthing something in my spirit but I couldn’t name it…. I wanted to express myself in motion, in words and become the kind of person I admire. I wanted to share some of my thought nuggets and also engage personalities in an exclusive interview moment. So as a finicky girl with a trigger for organized chaos, I didn’t want all my ideas or creative expressions disrupted and I thought about having it all in one brand name. At some point, I brainstormed on #Patinspires #NuggetsbyPat #Lifeofamediagirl and #yourmediacoach” all which I have used but they seemed a bit limiting to what I wished to portray from my individuality, longterm.

So one cold morning in London 2018, I thought of my name. #PatObilor, the name I’ve built for over 10years… The name that’s given me so much passion to fuel my ideas and led me to places i never thought I’d be. And I said to myself, “this is it.” I was too excited to connect it to what was earlier professed in 2014 that I didn’t struggle with it. Today, I am grateful for my name Pat Obilor and the media brand “Pat Obilor Live”.  Thus, #PatObilorlive is simply an expression of me on the social space and a wholesome interactive platform created to inspire your creative muse and be a part of your life as you share mine as well. The contents it houses are thought provoking, sometimes witty, random but authentic and value driven. It features inspiring videos of some of my lifestyle offline, refreshing periodic nuggets which sometimes come in form of quotes and storytelling, Podcast and Vlog etc.

*Disclaimer*: Some of the things i share may not go with your beliefs so kindly ignore. But if you are blessed by it, please feel free to drop comments and share. As a social/digital influencer towing the line of my Christian faith, I have to express my thoughts in the way I experience God personally hoping someone will be inspired too. I therefore take charge of anything that I write or say under this brand name #Patobilorlive and as I set out to give you more value, I pray this name will not be soiled and it shall stand the test of time in Jesus name.


Short Bio – Ms. Pat Obilor is a dainty, creative but laidback personality who is on the journey to becoming a Multipotentialite in her personal, corporate media and business world. With the grace of an inspiring lifestyle influencer, Author, Media Coach, Radio/TV Presenter, Youth Mentor, Corporate event Host/Moderator, Content Creator and Serial entrepreneur; And the professional aura of a skillful project manager, corporate PR/ brand specialist, customer relations executive, business developer and digital media manager, she brings the sparks to your life and business. Reach out to her now on all social platforms @patobilor

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