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Patspiration is a fusion of audio Podcast’ and blog content inspired from (Pat Obilor Live), a digital media platform of all “creative and inspiring things” by the media veteran, Author, lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur. Here you will enjoy interesting, inspiring, engaging episodes and blog nuggets delivered to you raw as I will share with you, a foray of my thoughts on being vulnerable and self-development, as well as useful episodes and writings based on my interests and passion in the Arts, media, purpose and intentional living, spirituality, Love and lifestyle, etc. all brought to your screen and listening pleasure like never before.


So no pressure fam, stay connected with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin @patobilor or simply visit all my Podcast platforms listed on the graphic Artwork to keep updated with the episodes/write-ups every Sunday by 9pm WAT.


Please click here https://patspirationpodcast.buzzsprout.com/ … to listen to my Podcasts and sign up here… https://forms.gle/SnWHL2g12LHcjesD9  to be the first to get my new blog post in your email.                                     

Love Lives Here…


Short Bio – Ms. Pat Obilor is a dainty, creative but laidback personality who is on the journey to becoming a Multipotentialite in her personal, corporate media and business world. With the grace of an inspiring lifestyle influencer, Author, Media Coach, Radio/TV Presenter, Youth Mentor, Corporate event Host/Moderator, Content Creator and Serial entrepreneur; And the professional aura of a skillful project manager, corporate PR/ brand specialist, customer relations executive, business developer and digital media manager, she brings the sparks to your life and business. Reach out to her now on all social platforms @patobilor

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